July 19, 2024

Brand-new supplement effectively eases the often debilitating symptoms of PMDD and PMS

Evelyn Health set to launch Super Regular, a brand-new supplement to effectively ease the symptoms of PMDD and PMS

Evelyn Health, the first start-up dedicated to people with PMS and PMDD, is transforming the ‘other half’ of the menstrual cycle. Through research, innovation, and solutions the company is committed to providing effective and accessible cycle care.

Millions of women experience PMS and PMDD, causing significant disruption to their personal and professional lives. From insomnia to suicidal ideation, these symptoms aren’t ‘light touch’ – they’re debilitating.

A spokesman explains:

“We took a long, hard look at what’s on the market and asked where the truly effective products were; those containing vitamins and minerals women with PMDD and PMS are deficient in, those that took one step further into the science about what triggers and exacerbates our symptoms. There was nothing.

“When over 34% of people with a PMDD diagnosis have attempted suicide, telling us to ‘just get on with it’ is not good enough.

“Sadly, these conditions often go underdiagnosed and undertreated, leaving most of us completely unsupported and living a life half crippled by the menstrual cycle! With an average diagnosis time of 12 years for PMDD, women need solutions in their hands, now.”

Evelyn Health hired a group of scientists, nutritionists, doctors, and women’s health experts and built the best PMS and PMDD supplement on the market – and are proud to be introducing ‘Super Regular’.

Evelyn’s brand-new three-step cycle care supplement relieves the most frequently experienced symptoms of PMS and PMDD. Rather than trying to ‘balance’ hormones or alter the menstrual cycle, Super Regular targets the processes and systems that exacerbate PMS and PMDD symptoms: inflammation, low neurotransmitter production, poor gut health, and nutrient deficiencies.

Super Regular aims to fill the gap in the premenstrual health market; offering an all-natural, evidence-based, and effective solution for managing PMS and PMDD.

Super Regular is a set of three supplements engineered for each stage of the cycle. They optimise and support key systems within the body, and provide immediate relief from luteal-phase lows.

  • Rhythm, taken every day of the cycle, is a blend of probiotics, vitamin D, and chasteberry to support a healthy gut microbiome, improve mood and stabilise hormone metabolism.
  • Restore, also taken every day, is a mix of evening primrose oil and omega-3 fatty acids. This powerful anti-inflammatory combination reduces inflammatory markers and boosts brain function and focus.
  • Revive is taken during the final ten days of the cycle and delivers essential nutrients required to make mood-lifting neurotransmitters, reduce inflammation, and improve energy and sleep quality.

Super Regular is vegan, free from all major allergens, and can be taken alongside hormonal contraception and other meds typically taken by women being treated for PMS and PMDD. All the ingredients and dosages are evidence-based, scientifically proven to alleviate PMDD and PMS symptoms. The packaging is fully recyclable or compostable, and each customer receives a free welcome bundle with their first order.

You can pre-order Super Regular at evelynhealth.com now and get 30% off your subscription. Full launch is expected from July 22nd, 2024.  

Super Regular is an exciting new supplement designed to alleviate PMS and PMDD symptoms by targeting the underlying processes and systems that exacerbate these conditions. With PMS and PMDD affecting millions of women in the UK, Super Regular offers a natural, effective solution in an easy three-step routine: Rhythm for gut and mood support, Restore for daily inflammation reduction, and Revive for essential nutrient replenishment and immediate symptom relief. Vegan, allergen-free, and safe alongside hormonal contraception and antidepressants, Super Regular has been built with our community in mind. Backed by science, approved by doctors, certified by third parties, and sustainably packaged, it’s the only routine you’ll need to feel Super Regular.