July 19, 2024

Do your New Years Resolutions Include Plans To Travel More in 2024? Check out these Tips

Many of us are adding travel destinations to our bucket list for 2024. However, finding the time or finances to travel can stop us from doing it more frequently. 

The cost of living crisis has also deterred many Brits from going abroad. In 2023, 40% of Brits scrapped a foreign holiday to save money (InteriorNet).

However, travelling doesn’t always need to break the bank, and many trips can be affordable with the right planning.

With that being said, Travel experts at Iglu Cruise have revealed five tips for those who wish to travel more frequently in 2024:


1. Maximise your annual leave allowance 

If your annual leave allowance is stopping you from travelling in 2024, then you need to maximise your time off.

You can book 49 days of holiday in 2024 with just 21 days of annual leave. You can book four days off during Easter to get a 10-day break. And in May 2024, you can take advantage of the bank holidays and book four days off to get nine days of holiday.

Using a system like this ensures that you are using a minimum amount of annual leave days but still getting a long break, enough for you to book a trip.

You will of course need to get your annual leave approved before you can do this, so make sure to plan ahead and book your leave in advance.


2. Cut back on other expenses

If you need to save money to travel more in 2024, then consider cutting back on some other expenses.

Consider the things you spend your disposable income on, and examine whether those expenses are important to you. Eating out less or cutting back on shopping could help you reach your financial travel goals.

Creating a travel expense fund is also a good idea. Each month, put some money aside for travel, which will make saving for a trip easier. Budgeting apps are also a great way to encourage saving.

3. Visit destinations during the off-season

Travelling off-season can be considerably cheaper and even improve your experience abroad. Also known as low-season or off-peak travel, this is when there are the least tourists, relative to other times of year.

Flights and hotel costs can skyrocket during the busy seasons, so you may find travelling during the off-season to be much more affordable.

You’ll also beat all the busy crowds. Everything becomes quicker during the off-season, from restaurant service to queuing for a tourist attraction. Cutting out the bustle of the crowds saves time and energy, meaning you can make the most of your trip.


4. Consider remote working 

If possible, travelling whilst working remotely allows you to see the world without eating away at your annual leave. You can work in a coffee shop during the day, then head out and explore in the evenings.

If you are considering this, then there are a few things to think about. Be sure you can work somewhere with secure internet access. Also, respect your company’s IT policy, as some companies may prohibit working on public wifi.

Be sure to get any equipment added to your travel insurance, and make sure to check with a manager/supervisor that your contract allows for you to do this, and get any travel plans signed off before you go.


5. Look out for cheap deals

Taking advantage of travel deals is a great way to make travel more accessible in 2024. Signing up for email marketing offers means that all the best deals will come straight to your inbox before anyone else, making it easier to grab yourself a bargain.

Being open to new destinations means you may also get some of the best deals. Most people decide where they want to go, pick their dates, and then look for travel options. If you’re open to a range of destinations, keep an eye out for deals and book when you see something you like.

Having some flexibility around dates can also help. Sometimes the price can be significantly lower if you change your dates even by a day, so keep that in mind when searching around.


If you’re looking to expand your horizons in 2024 and travel more frequently, keep an eye out for tips like these to make it happen.