June 18, 2024

How Black Friday Deals Can Boost the Value of Your Home Long After November

PROPERTY owners can boost the value of their property by grabbing a Black Friday bargain, according to one of the country’s leading interiors experts.

This week marks one of the busiest shopping days of the year – as millions race to grab discounted items in shops and online.

Kate Conrad, founder of Madison and Mayfair, said bargain items can also deliver value long after Black Friday.

She said: “For many homeowners Black Friday is an opportunity to save on materials and tools for home improvement projects.

“Whether it’s renovating a room, upgrading appliances, or making repairs, the savings from Black Friday deals can help reduce the overall cost of these projects.

“In addition to this, Black Friday is also a great time to update or refresh home interiors. Homeowners can find deals on furniture, bedding, and home decor items, allowing them to transform the look and feel of their living spaces, either to enjoy for themselves or to attract potential buyers.
“The “deal of the days” and “bargain bonanzas” can really help to increase the value of a property when it comes to selling.”

Pinpointing the items which can help deliver the best value she continued:

“One good example would be shelves. They can add a completely different dynamic to any room, but in particular rooms, such as your kitchen, shelves add a unique perspective as they make stylish and practical storage options for herbs and spices.

“Also, mirrors like the Silver Round Moroccan Style Mirror shown below are a perfect addition to any room, making it seem bigger and more spacious. This can help house viewers visualise future plans for how they will use the space.

“If you want to be particularly clever and have every intention of increasing your property value, then look at the tools that will be on offer. Screw kits, paint, wallpaper, chandeliers, and general tools can be brought for much less than normal prices and these items can but utilised in order to add great value to your property.

Kate was speaking ahead of the M&M black Friday sale which is a site-wide offer of 20% off everything, including the popular Full Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt and the Velvet Ottoman Stool as well as the Gold Resin Buddha Table.

“Refreshing your home’s interior with new furniture and decor items purchased during Black Friday sales can help enhance its overall appeal.
“Well-furnished and stylishly decorated homes tend to fetch higher prices in the housing market. Bargains can turn into bonuses.”

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