July 19, 2024

How Home Staging Can Help Add £50,000 to the Value of Your Home


AN AWARD winning property expert today shares the secrets which are helping some housesellers to pocket up to £50,000 more on the sale of their home.

Home staging specialist Jo Marriott Smith transforms the look and feel of houses which are going on to the market.

It is a trend that now attracts soaring numbers of property-sellers – all looking for an edge in securing a quick sale.

Now Jo is sharing the secrets behind how it’s done and how anyone can try to utilise its benefits.


Staging Success: Payne Terrace, Brighton

Jo recently won a title from the Home Staging Association for the work she carried out on this two-bedroomed property in Brighton – Jo explains:

“This two bedroomed property in Brighton was originally valued at £250k and after staging was valued at £300k, it sold for the asking price. I just received an award on Thursday for the best ROI staging project 2023 from the Home Staging Association UK and Ireland for this project.”


The difference in buyer appeal is easy to see – but it appealed to valuers too.  The house was originally valued at £250,000 but, thanks to Jo’s help, the valuation increased to £300,000, a price it then sold for.


Staging Success: Clover Lane, Ferring

Jo’s skills also proved to be a sound investment for the seller of this refurbished three bedroomed bungalow in Ferring. This sold to the first viewers on the day it hit the market for the full asking price (£750k).

Services like the one Jo provides are predicted to become even more popular in November, December and January – which are notoriously tough months to buy and sell.

Jo, founder of Staged and Sold said: “November and December are often considered more difficult months to sell. But that might not necessarily be the case if your property is well presented and stands out from the competition.

“Remember almost 90% of buyers search online as the first step in their property journey, so presentation is paramount in capturing their attention. It is also worth remembering that Boxing Day is the most popular day of the year for a buyer to search for a new house.




Declutter, Deep Clean and De-personalise – most of us have accumulated plenty of paraphernalia over the years, which, in reality we never use. Take this opportunity to have a really good clear out, a good clean – especially bathrooms and kitchens – and remove personal items such as photographs and trophies etc.


Fix those little DIY jobs – dripping taps, loose door handles, broken fittings etc, tackle them head on so buyers don’t have an excuse to ask for a reduction.


Give every room a purpose – this is so important. Ninety per cent of buyers have difficulty visualising what can be done with an empty space, so paint that picture for them. If you have two reception rooms for example, make sure you have a table and chairs in one of them, and a sofa in the other. If they want to change the arrangement when they  move in that’s fine, but you have given them the vision that they can have both a dining room and a sitting room.


Accentuate your assets – identify the features in your home which stand out – an interesting fireplace, large windows, a luxurious bathroom. Focus on these areas to highlight your properties best features.


Layout – try and highlight a focal point in each room such as a beautiful fireplace or beautiful windows. If there isn’t one – create one, perhaps a console table and mirror, or a cosy reading nook corner. Try and stay away from using the TV as the focal point if possible, instead arrange your seating as if you were having a social get together.


Colour – neutral is safe, but don’t be afraid of some colour. At this time of year bring in some cosy autumn colours such as yellows, gold and rusts.  Add pops of colour with cushions, rugs , candles and vases. This is also a good opportunity to buy accessories for your new house up front!


Here’s two more of Jo’s successes for inspiration:


Staging Success: David Cowan House, Winchester

This had been on the market for quite a number of months before it was relaunched with staging. This was sold to the first viewers for the full asking price (£360k).


Staging Success: Madeira Avenue, Worthing

This property had been on the market for about 5 months and had received some very low offers. It was relaunched with staging and sold within three days for the full asking price (£199k).


Property expert, Jonathan Rolande, founder of House Buy Fast, explains: “More property is entering the market and with fewer buyers, sellers are having to be ever-more creative to make a sale.

“Presentation is everything – a great first impression gets those precious online click-throughs that lead to a successful sale. Great images have always been important but now sellers are taking things to a new level with home staging. A professional designer knows what works – and what doesn’t.

“Empty homes and new builds get a fresher, more appealing look. Buyers love it because they don’t have to use too much imagination to see themselves living there. It also feeds into aspiration – “not only do we have a place to live, but it is also furnished in a way we would like to live. As the market toughens up, home staging will become even more of a go-to service.”